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The exhibitors. .

Exhibiting Name Stand
Location Website
Akoma Skincare L311 BLM
Any Green Will Do / Nikken A51 AFF
Arbonne UK Ltd L307 BLM
bak’dcake A10 AFF
Bay’s Kitchen A535 AFF
Bfree A321 AFF
Bio-Kult A117 AFF
Bobs Red Mill A201 AFF
Botonique E3 AFF
B-Tempted A511 AFF
Burns Pet Nutrition A729 AFF
Cauli Rice & Vegi Rice A509 AFF
Clearspring A339 AFF
Clearwave Air UK A33 AFF
Coconut Merchant A635 AFF
Conscious Chocolate A539 AFF
Cosi Care A49 AFF
Creative Nature A326 AFF
Dairy Free Chocolates A524 AFF
Daura Damm A544 AFF
Deliciously Ella A501 AFF
Drink Baotic A323 AFF
Eat Real Snacks A415 AFF
Elixinol L305 BLM
Enagic A60 AFF
Explore Cusine A531 AFF
Fitaly Food A65 AFF
Fodilicious A328 AFF
Follow Your Heart UK Ltd V203 JVS
Free From Italy A359 AFF
Free From Queen A14 AFF
G&G Vitamins V209 JVS
Garbanzo Snacks V303 JVS
GATO & Co A735 AFF
Genius Gluten Free A417 AFF
Glitterbug Bakery A15 AFF
Godessi Chocolates A91 AFF
GoGoGuts A701 AFF
GoodToBee L309 BLM
Gordon Rhodes A361 AFF
Healthyliciousuk A20 AFF
Heck Food A413 AFF
Honeyrose Bakery / Kent & Fraser A704 AFF
Humble Acre E9 AFF
Hunter & Gather A536 AFF
iClean mini – Aqua Ozo Ltd A121 AFF
Incognito Anti-Mosquito L207 BLM
Institute for Optimum Nutrition A107 AFF
Juvela A319 AFF
Kinnerton Confectionery A405 AFF
KoKo Dairy Free A645 AFF
La Roche-Posay A207 AFF
Lazy Day Foods A532 AFF
Le Pain des Fleurs A357 AFF
Lepicol A113 AFF
Little Bandits A737 AFF
Miiro A229 AFF
Nairns Oatcakes A607 AFF
Nakd A517 AFF
Natural Snacking A625 AFF
Nature’s Path Foods A153 AFF
Nim’s Fruit & Vegetable Crisps A617 AFF
Novo Farina A325 AFF
nüber food V34 JVS
Nush Foods A613 AFF
Oatis Snacks A542 AFF
Orkani Skincare L67 BLM
Perk!er Foods A615 AFF
Prewett’s A521 AFF
Promise Gluten Free A347 AFF
Qwrkee Foods A243 AFF
Rainforest Cuisine Ltd V29 JVS
Rana’s Artisan Bakery A69 AFF
Rhythm 108 A627 AFF
Sacla A505 AFF
Schär A401 AFF
Sead Foods A619 AFF
Send Me Free From A327 AFF
Sheu A7 AFF
Sijiyoumei E11 AFF
Simply Ice Cream A1 AFF
Slightly Different Foods A223 AFF
So Low Fodmap Foods A717 AFF
Sojade A629 AFF
SugaVida A225 AFF
Terra Organica L7 BLM
Thanks For Franks A719 AFF
The Cake Alchemist A703 AFF
The Green People A209 AFF
The Heart Of Nature A527 AFF
The Mighty Society A543 AFF
The Natural Health Practice Ltd A219 AFF
The Nutty Group V105 JVS
The Real Coconut A538 AFF
The Urban Fermentery A21 AFF
The Vegan Society V201 JVS
The Vegetarian Society V127 JVS
The White Rabbit Pizza Co. A235 AFF
Tobia Teff UK Ltd A25 AFF
Together Health V407 JVS
Veganicity V21 JVS
Warburtons Gluten Free A411 AFF
Wellaby’s A147 AFF
Yu & Mi Company A85 AFF
Yummzy A93 AFF